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All Out Adventures, Northern Berg, Kzn

Riding in the biggest mountain in SA is always awe-inspiring and the guys at All Out have done a great job building trails and being 100% committed to getting people into the outdoors

Trail: 8/10 Facilities: 7/10

“The Cradle is used by a lot of road riders for training and gets very busy on the weekends. It's cool to have this option now for the mountain bikers."

This is another one of the riding locations that reminds you why they call it MOUNTAIN biking. You are riding in stunning mountain scenery, or beautifully flowing singletrack. If you can, take the time to look up and take it all in, it's not every day you get to ride alongside a world heritage site!!

Chris and his team are super passionate about their trails, and it shows. Really cool is that they have upskilled some local guys who can now guide trails and fix bikes. Can only be a good thing we reckon.

On the trail, expect to pay with sweat to get your descents. It sounds obvious, but you are in the Drakensberg, dont expect not to work a bit.

That said, they have built some gentle trails along the river valleys that are non technical and very scenic as well.

If you are fit and keen for some great trail views, hit the Grotto trail into rarified air ans plenty of thrills.

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