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Avianto, Muldersdrift, Gauteng

Another great riding location close to the Northern suburbs, with great facilities too.

Trail: 6/10 Facilities: 9/10

“The Cradle is used by a lot of road riders for training and gets very busy on the weekends. It's cool to have this option now for the mountain bikers."

Avianto trails opened towards the end of 2012, adding another great option to the cradle area. There are three routes, Green, Blue and Black. The Green being the most beginner friendly, Blue for the intermediate rider and Black for the rocky long travel enthusiats.

The Green route is about 6km long and features mostly easy single track and gravel roads. A great option for beginners or the wife and kids while you shred some trail on the Blue or Black route.​

The Blue route is just over 16.5km which features some challenging sections with single-track and tougher climbs. The single track in the beginning can get a bit monotonous and would see great improvement with the addition of a few built in drop off’s, a jump or two and a berm here or there to make the cornering faster and fun.

The black route is quite rocky and is an added option when riding on the blue route. This route is great if need to practive technical rocky decents and climbs, Its does not add too much more onto the Blue route in terms of mileage, but it will improve your technical skills and test you, so be careful on the descents, especially when wet!

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