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Clearwater Trails, Port Edward, Kzn

Get out of town and go and ride somewhere different this weekend. It may just surprise you how different it can be.

Trail: 6/10 Facilities: 7/10

“From early days of surfing, it's a similar thing, especially with the bikes we have today, juts carving nice smooth berms is as good as carving waves."- Jan Abbot, trail champion

Jan the Man is the passion behind the trails down the South Coast of KZN known as Clearwater. We really enjoyed our ride down there, with the berm section being one of the highlights. The gorge scenery is also pretty special. Oh and the burgers are great.

The trails are varied with a few more technical sections but generally offer an easy level of tech ability. The grading is top notch using the IMBA system so you know exactly what you are in for.

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