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Exploring Jonkershoek

Trails: 10/10 Facilities: 5/10

Jonkershoek has long been synonymous with great mountain biking, but it was only in the last 10 years that it started to morph into the world-class trail riding destination it is today. For me, to return to the place where I discovered mountain bikes 25 years ago, to see how it has evolved, has been an amazing journey.

Without the vision, dedication and funding from passionate individuals, companies, trail builders and land owners, this single track wonderland might never have happened. Massive thanks to #dsvsouthafrica for being our partners on the journey.

Hats off to @MTOTrailsJonkershoek for their vision. Thanks to @SpecializedZA for the loan of the amazing #turbolevo @OldNectar staying at your place was sublime, thanks for the hospitality. @visualoutdoor thanks for the vid bru. #dsvactive #mtb #singletrack #dsvprocycling #mountains @bennetnel @hyltonturvey thanks for the building of these gems.

“Riding an e-bike in this environment, where there are so many amazing LONG downhill trails, makes so much sense. You can ride all day and experience the trails, without the serious exertion to climb up to them each time"


Coming back to my old stomping ground, where I discovered Mountain biking 25 years ago, has been a phenomenal journey. The trails in Jonkershoek are truly exceptional. They are true Trail Bike trails. Technical, big mountain climbs, big mountain descents, seemingly endless single track........Forget get that there are almost no facilities. This place is a must ride for any real mountain biker. Period

Big shout out to DSV Transport and Logistics for helping make this trip possible.

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