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Exploring Pondoland with Wild Child Africa

Trails: 7/10 Facilities: 8/10

Pondoland, and the Transkei in general, is one of the most beautiful, raw ad wild parts of South Africa, but is often forgotten in favour of more high profile destinations. Perhaps that is part of its allure, but for the communities of the area, tourism represents an opportunity to find jobs and sustain themselves, whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the fauna and flora of the area, both land and sea.

Matt and his team from Wild Child Africa have been working alongside the local communities to develop their walking tours along this coastline, and now look to expand into riding mountain bike along the ancient coastal and inland trails that abound.

We joined Matt for a few days to explore the area by bike, and get to ride some amazing trails. It’s not the most groomed place you can ride a bike, but the places you go and the sights you will see, will blow you away.

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Thanks to @hattonscycles for the loan of the Giant Trance Adv for filming.

" It's not the most groomed trail you can ever ride, but the places you will see, and where you bike will take you, will be priceless and blow you away. It's truly rugged and WILD"

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