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Heli-biking, Drakensberg, Kzn

For years we saw pictures of guys using helicopters to access mountain trails and then descending down, much like skiers would. But this was all overseas, until now!!

“I used to sit and stare up at those mountains and think to myself, there MUST be trails up there, if only we could get up there”- Kirk Hollis, Rockslide Heli-Biking

Excited much?? You bet.

Based in the Central Drakensberg. These trails provides a mix of technical rocky sections , narrow cattle paths , boulder steps and fast flowing single tracks and are some of the most exciting , challenging trails around. Providing the experienced cyclist a chance to ride in an area few have had access to.

The Heli trips start and finish at the resort which make Dragon Peaks the perfect place to base yourself if you want to stay a few nights.

How it works is once everyone has arrived there is a quick meet and greet, sign in and start loading the bikes. Once bikes are loaded you take off and start the very scenic flight up to the drop point at an altitude of 2000m.

After touch down we off loaded the bikes and watcedh the chopper disappear over the edge leaving us with just our bikes and the mountains.

There are 3 trails starting at this point , all trails are similar in distance and trail type.

Trail type is a mix of open ridge paths , loose rock gardens , steep rock faces , rock steps , technical and flowing single track. These trails are for intermediate to advanced riders and all hards sections are short and have easy lines or can be walked.

At the bottom we had a Taxi shuttle with refreshments ready to drop us at the top of our next run. Can it get much better?

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