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Holla Trails, Ballito, Kzn

Holla has become one of the must visit places for both locals and visitors to KZN.

Trail: 8/10 Facilities: 8/10

“One of the amazing things about Holla, is how many different routes they have and if you ride here enough, you learn how to wire routes together to give you even more options."- Devlin, On the Trail

Situated at Sugar Rush Park just outside Ballito, it is super convenient to get to and caters well for the growing north coast crowd, but also for the holiday makers from the North, who seem to be a large percentage of the Easter and December residents up Ballito way. This basically means, that if you are coming down to the coast on holiday this year, you’ve got a good place to ride, so throw your bike on the Thule.

Having moved since we filmed this, to the new Sugar Rush Park, Holla has stepped up things on the facilities side to make it a modern and must-ride bike park. If you are on holiday without your bike you can hire one there.

A favorite amongst locals is the pink route which is a fun flowing trail that works well for intermediates and experienced riders, hitting that balance of a trail that can be ridden at various speeds and enjoyed accordingly.

Ballito and that area is growing rapidly and the beaches offer a great off the bike attraction.

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