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Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

So little is know about riding bicycles on the pans, and it seems a bicycle crossing has never been attempted.

Trail: 0/10 Facilities: 0/10

“Crossing the Pans may just be one of the hardest, and most stupid ideas we have every come up with!"- Devlin Fogg

We headed down to the world famous Makgadikgadi saltpans to check out the option in terms of riding on the pans.

So little is know about riding bicycles on the pans and from all the research we did, it seems no one has actually done any kind of real riding out there, so we were pumped to get onto the crusty surface and lay down a real challenge.

This challenge came in the form of doing the first ever, unsupported crossing of the pans, from the small town of Sowa on the North Eastern corner, down to Kubu Island, a really unique rocky outcrop featuring ancient Baobab trees dating back to 2000 years, and then back again all in a day.

The ride turend out to be just shy of 100km and carrying film gear and enough water was a serious challenge. Factor in the crusty surface, and invariable head-wind, and you are in for one tough ride.

Nothing can prepare you for being out in the middle of the pans, in 360 degrees of nothing. No plants, trees, hills, civilization, NOTHING.

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