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Mankele, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

One of the premiere parks in SA, Mankele enjoys a great reputation amongst mountain bikers.

“Mountain biking is an awesome sport. If you havent tried it, you should, I guarantee you will be hooked."- Mark Meyer, Mankele owner

Mankele is one of the early bike parks in SA and the owners, chicken farmers when they are not building or riding trails, have been developing the trail network for many years.

I've always said, don't build your trailhead onto of a hill and Mankele is the perfect example. Located in a valley, you ride uphill while you are still fresh and happy, and on the way home, you get huge long descents, meaning you finish every ride on a high.

The trails here are quite diverse, but typically rocky.

One of the signatures of riding at Mankele is definitely their "bush tunnels", sections of trail that have been made down dry river dongas, with vegetation over-head, giving you the sensation that you are riding down a super tube or tunnel. It seems to amplify the sense of speed and they are super fun to ride with mates close by. It feels like you are in a video game.

Down at the trailhead, there is a huge open space, with camping, quaint chalets, pump track, box track, papa's, pool, entertainment area for kids (and adults) etc, making this a very cool place to spend a weekend as well.

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