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Mount Anderson, Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

Conservation and bicycles playing nicely together in a mountain top hideaway.

Trail: 7/10 Facilities: 9/10

“The whole idea of this place is that it's a mountain catchment reserve. Our sole purpose is to make sure water comes off the mounatin, downstream for us and our neighbours."- Trent Sinclair

Mt Anderson is situated a short drive outside Lydenburg in Mpumalanga, which is an area which is well known for its mountainous terrain.

The fact that Mt Anderson is a catchment reserve should give you a clue to the fact that it is based on the very top of these mountains, with some of the trails at a lung straining 2234m high!

Mt Anderson is certainly a very very beautiful place, in a harsh sort of way. It is big scenery country, with lots of grassland and bushy valleys and gullies. Its also a place that has a very interesting history in the form of gold mining and all the evidence which has been left behind in the form of old mining villages, equipment, tunnels and gravel heaps, the latter of which have been used as part of the trails which is a nice touch.

Mt Anderson Lodge is a luxurious affair and is finished in a classic old style that is hard to find nowadays. Belonging to the Rattrays of Mala Mala fame, you know that you are in for a treat, and with Mt Anderson this is no exception. It’s a very relaxed vibe too which is great. No stuffiness here. If you would like a beer, you are welcome to get it yourself. Its your lodge.

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