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Northern Farm, Diepsloot, Gauteng

If we had to choose one word to describe Northern Farm, it would be “friendly”, and the attendance numbers speak for themselves.

Trail: 6/10 Facilities: 5/10

The whole place is friendly, getting there, the parking, the trails, the gradients, the technicality of the trails, the scenery, everything.

Northern Farm, which is actually a working farm, is where you should take every first time mountain biker because its friendly, and they cant help but enjoy the experience of being on a mountain bike, close to town, in a beautiful setting with fresh air and friendly people.

I have seen first timers get back to the car park at some other parks and vow, while wiping the blood off their legs, to never ride an MTB again, and it puts people off. Bring them to Northern Farm.

However, if you are a racing snake or keen for a rip with your mates, you can still enjoy the park. They have enough trail for a fast paced training session and if you want to be that rad dude, try pushing up the speed on the singletrack and see just how quick you can corner. It’s a good way to test you and your bike and you will be faster for it

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