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Swakopmund, Namibia

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Not the first place you think of to go and ride bikes, we found cool locals and amazing off-piste riding in this desert wonderland

Trails: What trails? Facilities: 8/10

“To my knowledge, we would be the first people to ever ride bikes down Dune 7, the tallest dune on earth.”- Alfons Kieswater, Cycles4u

Caught between the desert and the Atlantic ocean, Swakopmund is a melting pot of adventure, adventurers, wanderers and more. With is distinctly German influences, its a quaint little village outpost on the edge of the oldest desert on earth, the Namib. The dunes just to the south of the town are world famous, including the towering hulk of Dune 7, the world’s highest dune. The lunar landscape is like no-where else on earth and riding bikes in this harsh and quite breathtaking place is just amazing. Huge thanks to Alfons from Cycles4U for showing us around. He has a great bike shop in town and does tours into the dunes with fat bikes. Something not to be missed.

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