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Valley of 1000 Hills, Inchanga, Kzn

Organise a driver, find some big mountains, do some Google Earth searching and boom, more downhill than you can shake a mini pump at.

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“One of the cool things about shuttle riding is you get to do the same section of trail multiple times. You start to remember the trail and can go faster and faster or practice sections you didn't get quite right."- Devlin

The Valley of a 1000 Hills near Inchanga, between Durban and Pietermaritzburg is a gold mine for mountain bikers willing to explore beyond the boundaries of their normal riding favorites.

Having worked in the valley for many years, developing mountain bike and other tourism infrastructure, working hand in hand with local communities, Devlin invited Duane Stander to come and experience some of the amazing trails hidden amongst the aptly names 1000 hills.

If you are strong, you can ride up and down in the valley, but we wanted to cover as many of the fun downhills as we could, so we elected to have a driver and shuttle to the tops of the runs. This is a great way to get in more fun and see more of the trails on offer, also giving you the chance to repeat trails you really enjoyed.

There is great variety in trails, with steep, shallow, rocky, rutted and smooth sections to keep you sharp. We did 4 different trails around the Mfula store area (which has the coldest cokes and beers in the valley).

Some of the runs are up to 5km long and descend 400m, which makes them some of the longest continuous downhill trails in SA. NOt bad for being right on our doorstep.

Sometimes the trails can be hard to find, so drop us a line for more info and GPS tracks.

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