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Virginia Trails, Eston, Kzn

Wholesome farm vibe, great mix of trails and an old farmhouse to stay the night in.

Trail: 7/10 Facilities: 7/10

“Our family has been in this area for a long time. 1872 is when we first purchased this land."- Pete Stainbank, farmer

Arriving at Virginia Farm where the trails are located, you immediately get the sense that things are very orderly, which is to be expected when its been in one family since 18voetsak, literally.

Everything is neat, tidy, in its place, and it has everything you want. Ample safe parking, well signposted entrance, toilets, showers, braai areas, bike wash, bar area, shade, honestly kitchen and fridge with drinks, map, route info, trail conditions notice, first aid kit, emergency contact number, the lotski. It really leaves a positive impression from the start and that continues onto the trails.

Our only criticism of the trail head info is that the map, with the names of various routes, is not equated in any way to their signage, which is in the form of coloured arrows, ie, nowhere does it say that to follow the North Loop, you follow the Orange/ Green arrows, but that’s easily sorted.

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