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Whistler, Canada

Putting cycling into Faith terms, Whistler is a sort of Mecca for mountain bikers, or for kids (and adults) a MTB version of Disneyland. Without doubt the global leaders in lift accessed gravity mountain biking, Whistler now gets more visitors in Summer, than it does for its Winter ski season!!

“For me this is my Everest moment, the achievement of a lifelong dream to come and ride here, but it doesn't have to be Whistler for everyone, just get out and do something that pushes you.

Riding in Whistler is about so much more than huge jumps and big berms.

Don't get me wrong, I love jumps, and maybe berms even more, but there is so much more to Whistler than the usual, "ride up in the lift and down the trail". If you take the time to talk to a few locals, they will tell you they ride outside the park more than in it and there is a good reason why. Some of the trails we rode in the surrounding mountains are nothing short of surreal. The dirt, the way they flow, the scenery, ev-ry-thing, is just awesome.

Disclaimer time here- riding the "outer" trails is not for everyone, they are steep and technical so you better be on your game.

The Park

Riding in the park is like that time your parents took you to the best water park ever. Remember the feeling, all those slides, the super steep one only the bravest kids could manage, the gentle ones your grandparents did. That is Whistler Bike Park.

There is everything from the most gentle flowing meander down the mountain, accessed by lift so no fitness is required, to the most hard core jump and technical steep trails you have ever seen in your life.

This is a once of a lifetime riding experience but if you can possibly manage, go to Whistler and ride your bike, you will never forget it.

Tip: As much as you love your own bike, don't take it with, hire one there. The airline costs were high and the hammering your bike will take is not worth it. Trust us.

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